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New restrictions imposed from 11 March

Due to the extensive spread of coronavirus and new restrictions imposed by the Government of the Republic, the following restrictions will apply at the UT sports hall from 11 March.

  • Sports school training sessions at the sports hall are cancelled. Training groups can get further information from their coach. Sports managers will send out information about the invoices of the sports school.
  • Training sessions of the Fitness Club at the sports hall are cancelled. Passes are suspended until the end of restrictions. Clients can get further information from the fitness manager.
  • Outdoor training sessions are allowed when the 2+2 rule is followed. This means that up to two people (including the instructor) may move around and exercise together, keeping a distance of two metres from others.
  • Sports competitions continue to be allowed only for professionals but the sports competitions of the second national league will be prohibited. No more than 50 people may participate in sports competitions and sports and exercise events indoors, and no more than 100 people outdoors.

The restrictions do not extend to professional sports in the competition system of the sports federation, including members and candidates of the adults’ and youth national teams and team sports players of the highest national leagues.

There will be a receptionist in the sports hall from 9 to 20 on working days and from 9 to 18 on weekends to organise the movement of national team members and national league teams allowed to enter the building.

The restrictions will be in force at least until 11 April, but the final date may change based on the decisions of the Government of the Republic.

If you have questions or problems, please contact